Translations 5

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salam!! i saw ur blog can i ask whats forever in tausug pls reply asap magsukul!!


Hello Kathleen 🙂 Forever is “Saláma-láma” (with stress on the third and fourth “a”)

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
you can always email me for more translations.
(Magsukul is “Thank you” by the way. Oh, I think you already know that… oh well, dont forget to pls like my page on facebook: (you can check my updates there or directly PM me for translations)
Salam kasilasa!
Mary-Ann C.: 
What was the meaning of MARAYAW? Tnx again :))
Anak iluh: 
Hello and good day Mary-Ann

“Marayaw” means “Good”

like “Marayaw Addat” meaning “Good attitude” (Mabait) 

or “Marayaw in adlaw yan.” (Today is a good day)
Mary-Ann C.: 
Goodeve. What was the meaning of “umang” ?
And how about this “ayaw kaw masusa” thankyou 🙂
Anak iluh: 

I am not sure with “umang”, I know its some kind of an animal hehe
“Ayaw kaw masusa” means “Do not be Sad”

Mary-Ann C.: 
How can i say “wag kana magloko loko” or “wag kna magloko pwde ba”? Hehe tnx 🙂
Anak iluh: 
Medyo mahirap tong tanong mo haha
Well, it depends kasi kung ano ibig mong sabihin sa kausap mo. example kung “Wag ka na magloko-loko” ay may pahalong biro, pwede mong sabihin sa Tausug na:

“Ayaw na kaw maglangug-langug ba.”

pero kung medyo seryoso na parang ang mensahe ay “Wag mo na ako lokohin”

“Ayaw mu na aku dupanga.” ang tamang gamitin. It’s up to you 🙂

hehe. Hope it helped. Good day 🙂

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Note: This is part of the series “Translations from my inbox“. I am sharing some selected emails and questions/translations-to-be-done sent by our readers 🙂 Their identities were hidden for, you know, privacy thing. And oh, THIS IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO THEIR QUESTIONS! I am no expert in this field so please, if you happen to notice any errors in these posts pls do notify me that I may correct them.
I would gladly hear your concerns 😀 naks
Thank you for visiting and supporting this humble blog 🙂
Hope you will continue learning Bahasa Sug the fun way!
Salam Kasilasa!
-Anak iluh


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