Translations 6

Mary GM: 

Good day!
Hi po, tanong ko lang po kung ano ang translation ng “i miss you” in tausug dialect.  Thanks much!
Hello Mary 

Ang “I miss you” sa Tausug ay “Nagtumtum aku kaymu.”
Root word: “Tumtum” = “Remember”o “Longing”
MGM: Thank you so much!
Anakiluh: No problem po 🙂
Pls check our blog for updates. We post new sts of Tausug words every friday 😉
Ronald C.: hi sir,
gusto ko lang malaman kung tausug word po ba ito at ano ung meaning 
“kanami sanggad law mo guapagid”
Hi Ronald!
I am so sorry it took me about 4 months to reply -_- been busy with acads and i overlooked a lot of emails including yours.
Anyway, i do not recognize the words you sent me. I am sure they are not TAUSUG, MERANAW, CHAVACANO OR ARABIC. I am jot sure if its maguindanaon or sinama or iyakan though (as I am only trying to learn them hehe). Pls ask me another question on Bahasa Sug. 
(Note: He never emailed me back @_@ costumer unsatisfied.  haha)
Kim: please translate the word mahal ko into tausug/muslim..thanx 

Mahal ko is “Kalasahan ku” in Tausug.

Also check: “How to say “My Dear”?

Different ways of saying “My Love” in Tausug


salam kasilasa, AIMD

Note: This is part of the series “Translations from my inbox“. I am sharing some selected emails and questions/translations-to-be-done sent by our readers 🙂 Their identities were hidden for, you know, privacy thing. And oh, THIS IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO THEIR QUESTIONS! I am no expert in this field so please, if you happen to notice any errors in these posts pls do notify me that I may correct them.
I would gladly hear your concerns 😀 naks
Thank you for visiting and supporting this humble blog 🙂
Hope you will continue learning Bahasa Sug the fun way!
Salam Kasilasa!
-Anak iluh


6 thoughts on “Translations 6

  1. Hi gud pm.. ask ko lang poh kung ano un ‘”mahal n mahal kita,at ikaw lang ang buhay ko ngaun..’ sa words ng tausug ..thanks po.😊


    1. Hello. Interstingly, wala akong maisip sa “I’m fine” ang ginagamit lang namin palagi ay “OK da aku”. pwede din “Marayaw da in parasahan ku”

      Thank you is “Magsukul”


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