Translations 7

Hi I’m back hehe^^… Again I need your help about tausug words hehe, what does “amunasa” and “hundung” mean?
Also what is “hijab” and “tirung”? 
Thanks a lot^^
Anak iluh: 
Hello again 🙂
Have you checked my posts on I have been updating the blog by posting new words every fridays, hope you have checked them 🙂
Anyway, “amuna sa” is a common term that may roughly mean “yeah, that’s it!”, it is used to express affirmation or confirmation or agreement with the speaker.
Example Rashid said: “Mapasu’ isab in bilik ini!” (This room seem hot!)
And you can reply: “Amuna sa” (yeah, you are right/that’s it)
Hundung” means “stop”. Itbcan both be used as verb or a command, as in “hundung kaw!” (You stop!)
Hijab” is an Arabic term (you already know that Arabic sometimes get mixed with our langguage), it means “a covering”. Basically it’s the VEIL that you see Muslim women wear in accordance to the command of God in the Quran to cover their parts, except the face and hands. Try searching in google.image and type in HIJAB.
Tirung” or “Turung” is the Tausug word for Hijab.
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Salam! Kamaya daran!
Note: This is part of the series “Translations from my inbox“. I am sharing some selected emails and questions/translations-to-be-done sent by our readers 🙂 Their identities were hidden for, you know, privacy thing. And oh, THIS IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO THEIR QUESTIONS! I am no expert in this field so please, if you happen to notice any errors in these posts pls do notify me that I may correct them.
I would gladly hear your concerns 😀 naks
Thank you for visiting and supporting this humble blog 🙂
Hope you will continue learning Bahasa Sug the fun way!
Salam Kasilasa!
-Anak iluh


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