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Good day! What was the meaning of AMUNA & KAYAN in tausug? Tnkyouu


Good day!

Both of them can be translated in different ways depending on how they are used.

“Amuna” is used to determine the subject, it can be translated as “That’s it” as in “Amuna sa ini in liyawag ko.” to mean “THIS IS what I am looking for”. or it can be used as “Amuna in iyan ku”, to mean “I told you so”.

“Kayan” on the other is not a aTausug term. or maybe a different term, say of two words: “ka” and “yan”. “Ka” is the equivalent of the article “ba” in tagalog as in “Nakita mo ba?” (in Tausug: “Kiyta’ mu ka?”) “Yan” can be used as “That or This”, as in “Yan in kitab ku”. “That/This is my book”.

If we will combine the three terms ( I presumed they were used in one sentence “Amuna ka yan” can be translated as “IS THAT IT?”

its kinda weird how they turned out to mean that way 🙂

Sorry cant check my references, been busy. Just message me up if you still need more translations

Jeron P.: 
Hi I have a report tom about tausug words. I had a hard time translating some wors. Please, please translate these 
If you can send them today, please. Thanks. 

Hello 🙂

Good thing I signed in today. Here are you’re Translations:

Bahasa Sug are italized
Paaralan = Iskul (from “school”)
Bulaklak = Sumping
Dumi = Lummi’
Malaki = Malaggu’
Mayaman = Dayahan
Tubig = Tubig
Tanong = Pangasubu
Bahay = Bay
Pintuan = Lawang
Enjoy the rest of the day!
JP: Hi. Please translate these two tagalog words. Tanhks very very much. You are a very big help to my report in Fil40. 🙂

* patay
* Kapatid
Patay is also Patay in Bahasa Sug. But to give you more examples on how they differ in Filipino:

When using Patay in past tense, you can use 2 words: Piyatay (killed, with emphasis on actor as in “Piyatay sin kuting in ambaw”: The cat killed the mouse) or Miyatay (“was killed/died”, with emphasis on subject of verb, as in “Miyatay in kuting”; The cat died)

Kapatid is Taymanghud.
Note: This is part of the series “Translations from my inbox“. I am sharing some selected emails and questions/translations-to-be-done sent by our readers 🙂 Their identities were hidden for, you know, privacy thing. And oh, THIS IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE ANSWER TO THEIR QUESTIONS! I am no expert in this field so please, if you happen to notice any errors in these posts pls do notify me that I may correct them.
I would gladly hear your concerns 😀 naks
Thank you for visiting and supporting this humble blog 🙂
Hope you will continue learning Bahasa Sug the fun way!
Salam Kasilasa!
-Anak iluh

2 thoughts on “Translations 8

    1. Salaam! (Peace!)

      Sorry I can only translate the following:

      Sun = suga
      fire = kāyu

      I do not know the translations for “diameter”.

      Volcano on the other hand… I am not sure if there is an official translation for the word “volcano”. What I can give you is the word “mountain” which is “buwd”.

      Hope this helped.
      Salam! (Peace!)


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