Translations 10

Continuing our series of translating emails… Part 10

Al P. wrote:

Assalamu Alaykum Taymanghud (brother).

I hope you can help me find the meaning of this word in tausug: “CONGRATULATIONS’

Please help me utoh.. I need this word, post ku kasi ha fb kasi my wife just got pregnant… greet aku kanya in tausug..u know what mean.. hope you could help.”

Good day Taymanghud and Assalamu Alaykum.

Do you happen to understand Bahasa Sug? or are you a Tausug yourself, too? Sorry I just need to know.

As far as my little knowledge on bahasa Sug, there is NO TRANSLATION for the word CONGRATULATIONS… (or maybe there is, but its already used long time ago, and I am not aware of it, magmaaf tuud 😦 Anyways, The locals would usually use the original english term in congratulating other pipol as “congrats!” and the like. But if youwan to be more “different” you can use the Arabic term instead. you can say “Mabrook!” to mean congratulations, or better yet “Alhamdulillah!” (praise be to Allah!” for indeed that is the best way to congratulate someone.

I hope I was able to help somehow taymanghud.

Even then, let me say “MABROOK! to you and your wife! ALHAMDULILLAH, Allah had bestowed a very wonderful Blessing to both of you 😀 MashaAllah, May Allah keep your family happy and healthy. Ameen.

Salam Kasilasa!


Kylie G. wrote:
Hi Sir can I asked a favor ? can you translate these words:

How much.
How much is this?
What time is it?
This is too small.
That is bag is big.
Our house is very huge.
Ten little indian.
Have you eaten?
The 12 months.


Hello Kylie 🙂

I just finished my last exam, and was happy to receive more emails about Tausug101.

Here are the translations:

How much. = Pila siyn
How much is this? = Pila siyn ini?
Time. = waktu
What time is it? = Lisag pila na? (there’s a blogpost on this here)
Small = asibi’ (Please see “Lesson 10: Adjectives”)
This is too small. = Asibi’ tuud sa ini.
Big. = Malaggu’
That is bag is big. = In bag yan malaggu’.
House. = Bay
Our house is very huge.= In bay namu’ malaggu’ tuud.
Little. = Asibi’ or Manahut (synonyms with small)
Ten little indian. = Hangpu’ asibi’ Indiyan (There’s no translation for “Indians”)
Eat. = kaun
Have you eaten? = Nakakaun na kaw? (singular) kamu? (plural)
Monday. = Isnin (See Lesson on “The days of the week”)
Tuesday. = Salasa
Wednesday. = Albaa
Thursday. = Hammis
Friday. = Jumaat

The 12 months. = Same with Arabic/Islamic Calendars but not equivalent with Gregorian calendar. Pls google the “12 Hijrah Months” for more info.

I hope this helped 🙂

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Magsukul tuud! (Thank you very much!)
Kamaya (take care)



8 thoughts on “Translations 10

  1. Hello Mayflor 🙂

    These are ARABIC terms and nt Bahasa Sug. But Muslims use them every now and then, so it wont hurt if I try. But I highly suggest you also look for the actual meaning and usage in some authentic Arabic Language sites. ANyway…

    Astaghfirullah : “I seek forgiveness from Allah”
    Alhamdulillah: “All praise is due to God alone”
    In sha Allah: “If Allah wills”


    1. Alhamdullilah may naipupublished po ba nag tausog language as a book? I have a tausog bf po kasi pinag aaralan kpo yung salita nila para naman po makaintindi ako sakanila please help po Magsukul


  2. Hi,

    May boyfriend po ako n tausug and was asked one time kung asawa daw nya ako. One word lng sinagot nya pero nahiya akong itanong kung ano ung sinagot nya. I think it starts with letter “M” like morkon? If I’m not mistaken and yan ung pgkkatanda and pgkka rinig ko. Ano po meaning nyan? If mali ako can u help me translate these:



    1. Hello Kirsteen!

      I don’t want to meddle with your relationship, what I would do is simply help you with the translation. Know that this is PURELY business.

      There is no such word as “morkon” in Bahasa Sug. But what comes into mind is something that sounds like “morkon” which is the word “bukun”.

      Bukun means “not” or “hindi” or anything in the negative. Hope this helped 🙂

      Salam! (peace!)


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