Telling Time

Lisag pila na
Assalamu Alaykum!
Today in sha Allah we will talk about how to tell time in Bahasa Sūg. It’s simple so I would expect that you could learn this in a day or two.
First here are the things we need to review or learn first for those who haven’t read the other lessons.

1. The Basics of Numbers

The basic way of naming numbers in Bahasa Sūg. You can access the old post I published about this topic in: NUMBERS in Bahasa Sūg (I haven’t edited this post yet, there might be some mistakes in there). Just learn the numbers from 1-59 first, coz that’s the only thing you need to know to tell time haha.

Then remember the magic word LISAG. Just add the word “Lisag” which signifies “time” BEFORE the number and you will have it, the time of the day! (The word Lisag doesn’t even have an English translation! Cool huh?). 
One o’clock = Lisag + (one = hambuuk) =  Lisag hambuuk*
Five o’clock = Lisag + (five = lima) = Lisag lima
*Hambuuk is one of the many words in Bahasa Sūg equivalent to the English word “one (1)” and as we have learned in the past lessons about numbers #link#, we will use hambuuk instead of isa in telling time.

2. Other words to know:

Maynaat = morning
Mahapun = afternoon
Duwm = night/evening
Mataas-suga = Noon
We usually add any of the above words in the end of saying the “time” of the day. Like “Lisag siyam sin duwm” (It’s 9 o’clock in the evening). “sin” is the article “of” usually placed before the words maynaat, mahapun, duwm or mataas-suga.
One o’clock in the afternoon = Lisag hambuuk sin mahapun
 Five o’clock in the morning = Lisag lima sin maynaat
[Listen to VR]

3. Including Minutes

To include the minutes, just place the conjunction “iban” (and) after the “hour” then mention the minutes by saying the numbers (from 01-59) then add “minit”  in the end.

Format: Lisag (hour) + iban + (number in minute) minit + sin maynaat/mahapun/duwm

Example: How to say 4:30 PM
Four (4) is upat and Thirty (30) is katluan in Bahasa Sūg, and PM = mahapun. So we get


“Lisag upat iban katluan minit sin mahapun.”


You can also use the word tunga’ (half) for “30 minutes” to signify “half of an hour”. So instead of saying Lisag upat iban katluan minit (4 and 30 minutes) you can just say Lisag upat iban tunga’ (four and half hours) which is the same.
“Lisag upat iban katluan minit sin mahapun.”
“Lisag upat iban tunga’ sin mahapun.”
[Listen to VR]

4. Asking for time.

Use this when you want to ask or answer what time is it:
Lisag pila na?” (What time is it?)
Lisag siyam na sin maynaat.” (It’s already 9 in the morning)
 [Listen to VR]
Lisag (time) na sin maynaat/mahapun/duwm”
That is all! We will end this lesson here. A special mention to Miss Florian, this lesson was part of her request 🙂 and there you go! You now have learned how to properly tell time in Bahasa Sūg. For the correct pronunciations of the words mentioned here, please listen to the voice/video records provided.
Here’s the voice record for all the examples mentioned in this post. Listen to them or download the audio file:

Downloadable Audio file: Telling time
Til our next lesson,
Salam Kasilasa and Magsukul for supporting Tausūg101!



2 thoughts on “Telling Time

  1. magsukul for the lessons anakiluh. though i am not tausug (I'm cebuano), i am always captivated at how similar sounding tausug is with my language. 🙂

    continue to post lessons bro! 🙂


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