Colors in Bahasa Sug



Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be with you!)

Today we will learn about the different colors in Bahasa Sug (Tausug) Here goes!

Walna’ = Colors

White = Puti‘ (pu-ti)
Black = Itum (i-tum)
Gray = Abuhun (a-bu-hun)
Blue = Bilu (bi-lu)
Red = Pula (pu-la)
Yellow = Biyaning (bi-ya-ning)
Green = Gaddung (gad-dung)
Violet = Taluk (ta-luk)
Pink = Kalas (ka-las)
Orange = Kulit (ku-lit)* or urinj/urins (u-rins)
*we now seldom hear this. Tausug would often use “orins” (o-rins) or “urinj” for “orange”

How to use them in a phrase/sentence

  1. Simply add the color after the object being described as in:

Bag gaddung = Green bag
Badju’ itum = Black shirt
Pinta puti’ = White paint
Panyu’ biyaning = Yellow handkercheif

2. Attaching the “color word” before the object being described is also acceptable but seldom used by Tausug speakers. They sound kinda awkward.

gaddung bag (same as above)
itum badju’
puti’ pinta
biyaning panyu

3.  Repeating the words would mean decreasing the amount of color. Yes, Tausugs are fond of repeating words.

Amun badju’ ku itum-itum. (That shirt of mine which a bit black)
Awn kiyta’ ku sumping biyaning-biyaning. (I saw a flower with a shade of yellow)

4. As an adjective, simple add the prefix “Ma-“.

Magaddung isab in pinta sin bay mu. (Your house’s paint is too greenish)
In matta hi Abdul mapula. (Abdul’s eyes are reddish)

5.When using to describe a person’s complexion use only maputi’ (white) to mean “lighter skin color” or  maitum (black) to mean “darker skin color/complexion”.

In anak hi Maryam maitum. (Maryam’s child is dark in complexion)
Asal in milikan maputi’. (The Americans are inherently light-skinned)

6. When describing a color in it’s “light” or “dark” color (aside from black and white) we use the following modifiers:

Dark color = Malutu’
example: “Lawaga in badju amun walna’ pula malutu’.” = Look for the shirt with a dark red color”

Light color = Hilaw /mahilaw
Example: “In yaun biyaning hilaw. = That one is (colored) light yellow

7. Of course, modern Tausugs who grew up without even learning the names of these colors in Bahasa Sug are bound to use the English words. And I believe it is now acceptable.

In tawmpa’ niya kuwlur black. (His shoes are black in color)

That’s all for now.
Hope this one is as cool as your day! 😀


Salam kasilasa!

-Ahmad maitum


2 thoughts on “Colors in Bahasa Sug

    1. I think we already published one or two posts re: conversations. Kindly search agsambung-laung”. Thank you for your suggestions, we will try our best to publish more conversation-ish subject. Salam Kasilasa!


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