About the Site

Do you want to learn the Language of the Tausūgs?
Do you want to learn how to speak in Bahasa Sūg fluently?
Are you a Tausūg who grew up in a different place, and want to re-learn your language?
Do you know someone who knows Tausūg, and you want to speak with them with that language?
Is there a Tausūg word you want to be translated into English or Tagalog?
Do you want to translate some words into Tausūg?
Are you planning on visiting Sulu and want to learn how the people speak?
Are you just curious what the Tausūgs‘ language is?
Do you know someone who wants to learn Tausūg?
Do you enjoy learning a new Language apart from your own?

If you answer any of these questions “YES!” then you found the right blog that you need!

Tausūg 101: Learning Bahasa Sūg is a humble project initiated by a humble young Tausūg blogger from Jolo, Sulu. (His code name is Anak iluh. He’s not really that famous a guy, so let us not bother looking in to his background.)

Created to cater the needs of those people who are eager to learn a new Language that had been part of a great history, of once great nation; the language of the brave and proud Tausūgs of the Sulu Archipelago: the Bahasa Sūg

Informal, easy-to-follow lessons on Basic Grammars for Bahasa Sūg are published here starting June 2012. These lessons range from the sounds found in the language (for absolute beginners), to the different forms of verbs and pronouns (for intermediate learners), and to constructing and analyzing complex sentences (for advance learners). Bonus Lessons on how to converse in Tausūg like asking questions and buying items are also included in this course. Translations from selected emails are also published here. 

And to make these lessons more fun and easier to learn, downloadable files are also included for each lessons. These downloadable files which are consisted of supplementary readings (such as common conversations) and audio/video files are made to accompany each lesson.

It’s never been this easy and fun to learn Bahasa Sūg!

What are you waiting for! 
Grab a friend and start learning together a new language today: the Bahasa Sūg of the Tausūgs.

(please keep posted for the release of lessons each week. thanks.)

*This about-the-site page was created by the author himself who would rather hide in the name “Anak Iluh”; He’s not any expert in English grammar so please, bear with him for any grammatical errors you’ll find in this page or in the blog as a whole. He is hoping that you will enjoy learning Bahasa Sūg through this site, and that you won’t stop visiting it. :-)*

About the Author

Anak Iluh is a young Tausūg blogger born and raised in Jolo, Sulu.
He is a proud Muslim. 🙂
He is now trying to balance his life, squeezing his schedules in between studying in Med.School here in Manila, finishing this project (which include replying to emails), calling his family way back in Sulu, and having enough time to sleep (4-5 hours only) and eating his favorite Pandesal with peanut butter (and 3 cups of hot coffee).

You want to know more about him? visit his other blogs: www.anakiluh.blogspot.com and www.warnah.blogspot.com You can also send your concerns to his email: anakiluhmd@gmailcom