Each lesson in the course “Tausug 101: Learning Bahasa Sinug” will be accompanied by downloadable supplementary readings and audio files. New Tausug words for each lesson will also be included in these downloads. The links for each DL file will be released on the date with its respective lesson was (or will be) published. Only highlighted links are accessible for the time being. (Click the file to go to the download page)

Downloadable files are as follows:
(Links will be updated as soon as these lessons are published, in sha Allah.)

Audio Files:
1. Animals: Manga Binatang 1
2. Animals: Manga Binatang 2
3. Parts of the body 1
4. Parts of the body 2
5. Fruits: Manga bungang-kahuy
6. All around us: Katilibut ta
7. Unu in ngān mu? (What is your name?)
8. Hāin kaw naghuhula’? (Where do you live?)
9. Counting Numbers

PDF files
2.  For Lesson 10.1: Manga Kasipat-Sipatan (Common Tausug Adjectives) 

Old Files:
    includes:    Lesson 1: The sounds in Bahasa Sinug–Office Word file
            Supplementary readings for Lesson 1–pdf file
            Lesson_1_Audio_1: New Tausug words in Lesson 1–audio file
            Lesson_1_audio_2: Pagsambung Laung I (conversations)–audio file


    includes:    Lesson 2: The sounds /B/ and /G/–Office Word file
            Supplementary readings for Lesson 2–pdf file
            Proper way of writing the spirant B and G sounds–pdf file
            Lesson_2_Audio_1: Tausug words with regular B and G sounds–audio file
            Lesson_2_Audio_2: Tausug words with spirant B and G sounds–audio file
            Lesson_2_Audio_3: Comparing Tagalog and Tausug Words with B and G sounds–audio file

    includes:    Lesson 3: The Letters D and R–Office Word file
            Summary of Rules and more examples for lesson 3–pdf
            Supplementary readings for Lesson 3 (Ha Madrasa)–pdf file
            Lesson_3_Audio_1: Tausug words with retained sound /D/–audio file
            Lesson_3_Audio_2: Tausug words with transformed sound /D/–audio file
            Lesson_3_Audio_3: “Ha Madrasa” and New words in lesson 3–audio file

    includes:    Lesson 4: The Vowel Sounds In Bahasa Sug–Office Word file
            Supplementary readings for Lesson 2–pdf file


    Bonus Lessons are published Every Mondays starting July 2012. These are helpful lessons for common conversations in Bahasa Tausug but do not strictly goes in with the formal grammar lessons.Downloadable files to support these lessons are also included. Here are the links for each file:
Links will be updated as soon as these lessons are published, in sha Allah.